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Welcome to Law as a Second Language®! Even the most accomplished jurists can be at a disadvantage when they venture beyond the comfort of their own languages or legal systems. We cannot eliminate the difficulties of legal terminology, but a spirit of cooperation, pluralism, and innovation will help us minimize those difficulties and manage what we do not know about the language of the law.

The objective of Law as a Second Language® is to democratize the languages and terminology of law and promote multilingual, multicultural legal literacy. Semantic MediaWiki provides the collaborative tools[1] with which we can create, edit, organize, search, and analyze profiles about the history of language and law:

These features will help all of us elevate our individual and collective capacities to communicate and participate in the global community of law. In turn, your contributions[2] will fortify the ecosystems of legal literacy that are emerging around our world! To register as a user, send a brief introductory message by email to with "Registration of User" as the subject.


  1. Those collaborative tools include categories, forms, templates, and properties. The category How to use this wiki contains information about topics and technologies that are relevant to the use of this wiki. Registered users can use the form How to use this wiki to add a topic or technology to the collection (example).
  2. One of the ways in which registered users can contribute is to submit their comments, questions, and suggestions to improve this wiki (example).