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This is the "Description of resource" template. It should be called in the following format:

{{Description of resource
|Description of the resource
|Is the text of the description a quotation, a paraphrase, or an original review?=
|If the source of the description was in print, insert the source here=
|If the source of the description was online, insert the source here=
|Century CE or BCE of relevance=
|Years CE or BCE of relevance=
|Geographic areas of relevance=
|Related languages=
|Related terms and phrases=
|Related individuals=
|Related organizations=
|Related books=
|Related websites and blogs=
|Related articles, blog entries, editorials, essays, graphics, interviews, and other content=
|Related periodicals, newsletters, journals, and similar publications=
|Related databases and repositories=
|Related applications=
|Related PDF documents=
|Related videos=
|Related audio and podcasts=
|Related projects and activities=
|Related events=
|Related constitutions, treaties, conventions, statutes, legislation, judicial decisions, regulations, proclamations, or other sources or enactments of law=

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