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This is the "Term or phrase" form. Knowledge of terms, phrases, and sense relations is essential for comprehension of the language of the law. Use this form to create or edit a profile of a term or phrase. To create a page with this form, use this naming convention to enter the page name below:

  • term or phrase (language or dialect, part of speech),
  • for example, example of a term or phrase (English, noun).

If a page with that name already exists, you will be sent to a form to edit that page. Use a semicolon (;) to separate the values in each field that permits multiple values.

As of December 11, 2015, the policy of Law as a Second Language® is to omit diacritical marks from the spelling of all varieties of Greek (Greek, Romanization, etc.) and Latin (Classical, Medieval, etc.) in all templates except in quotations and in the Alternative spelling template. Continue to include diacritical marks in the spelling of other languages.